Who We Are

Who we are:

A group of florists and creatives jointly working to raise money for good.

The impetus for this fundraiser was 2 fold. 

First of all, our beautiful state is on fire. We’re trapped in our homes for weeks on end by smoke from fires burning in every direction. We know small farms and farm workers are particularly at risk. The effects of climate change on agriculture, which not only includes our livelihood, but hurts so many of the farmers and farmworkers we love,  is a huge concern.

Secondly, florists have been hit hard by the pandemic. Most of us rely on groups of people gathering- for parties, at restaurants, in business. Without these, we are all either completely out of work or our businesses are barely hanging on. We know the complexities of navigating hardships and how crucial support is. One thing we also rely on is our own community gathering. Isolation during the pandemic weighs heavily. Any opportunity to feel that sense of support and friendship from one another is something we’ve all jumped to. This fundraiser has given us reason to talk, a common goal, something to look forward to, an opportunity to create. For anyone involved, it’s a way to do good.

Folks Involved

These fantastic florists, farmers, and creatives are contributing their time, goods, and talent to raise money for a common cause.